Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers' Day 2010, continued...

I was already in shock after seeing the camera that I wanted so badly, but then I saw this perfect card that Jacob had made for me:

How cute is that? He is SUCH a great kid. When it said, "Check your e-mail," I assumed that he had done another artistic-type thing on the computer and had e-mailed it, but I was wrong. When I checked my e-mail, this is what I found:

Alan, Jacob and I are going to visit my sister Susan and her family in Florida for 3 days! I am BEYOND excited about this. I miss Susan, BJ and their babies SO much I can't stand it, and come on, we're talking about FLORIDA! I am ever so much more impressed with Florida since we moved to Michigan. It was 46 degrees and rainy all day here today, and all I could think about was our upcoming trip. Also, Jacob has never seen the ocean, so I really look forward to getting to take him to the beach. SO excited.
Did I not tell you have the best husband and son EVER?

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